Execuflora - Lighting the Way

When thinking about installing indoor plants in office spaces, some of the most common questions and misconceptions are often centred around lighting. Can our offices accommodate live plants or will we have to use synthetic ones? Will we need to use high, medium or low light plants? Do live plants have to have natural light or will artificial light be good enough? Suffice it to say that whilst lack of adequate light is probably the most common limiting growth factor in indoor plants, it is not insurmountable, if managed properly.

If your office space is still being designed, an interesting fact to take into account is that artificial lighting can actually allow some plants to be grown indoors in most set-ups, if designed properly. This is primarily because new studies have shown that plants don’t mind where they get their light from, as long as certain colour rays are received in certain quantities. 

At Execuflora, we mostly deal with the already built environment though, so need to work with what we have available to us. Luckily, that’s still a great deal! There are a host of indoor plants categorised in to high, medium and low light categories. Light intensity is measured in foot-candles and the plants in the low light category need anywhere from 50 to 250 foot-candles of light to survive, depending on the variety and as a rough idea, plants outdoors get up to 10 000 foot-candles! 

With some of the 50-250 foot-candles required for low light plants being supplied through artificial lights, there are still plenty of options available for office spaces with minimal natural light, as long as you know what you’re looking for.