Climbing the Green Ladder

Green walls in corporate offices is not only a hot topic now, it will be for some time to come and has already been on the lips of forward thinkers for ages. It’s not surprising that the number of options available are steadily growing to suit the demand for individuality of businesses and their various needs. Execuflora already offer a stunning range of nine different vertical planters, in varying sizes, making it one of the most complete ranges available in today’s corporate market.

The most well known of the green walls, is the original vertical green wall that was installed into offices onto an open wall as a fixture. These are, for all intents and purposes, immovable and only the plants are changed as and when required. They represent the ultimate in sustainable design and provide a superior alternative to the humble potted plant for anyone looking to green their indoor environments.

After that, came the mobile green walls, which was a huge leap forward for green walls in general. It became the new room divider, acoustics controller and design feature rolled into one item. Being easy to move around, offices could rearrange the contents to accommodate new staff or furniture at the drop of a hat without needing to make any greening changes.

Then came the living pictures. Instead of using artwork on the walls, planters were mounted instead. Bringing life into the office with all the benefits of having nature surrounding staff, cleaning the air and saving much prized floor space at the same time. A win-win all round.