Arty Messaging

Making a lasting first impression is something we’ve been lectured about since the dawn of job interviews, which essentially, feels like forever. We’re not always able to make that first impression in person, as in the case of potential or existing clients visiting offices for the first time. In these instances, art is probably the easiest, most uncomplicated and well-received communicator of our values, identity and culture. 

Everything from the quality and integrity of the actual artwork chosen, to the images, colours or content are all communicated subliminally, the moment they walk into space. Having a certain colour scheme for walls and furniture and pot plants or flowers in vases scattered about is an excellent start, but sending a message through art is much more personal and can communicate a variety of things that are not possible with colour schemes, yet enhance the efforts you’ve already put in.

Sending a message to clients through artwork is as simple as a restaurant hanging art related to mouth watering food or even just famous works of art that have food in them. Not only does it relate directly to their trade but in the case of mouth watering artworks, their clientele are much more likely to assume the food to be delicious before even tasting it. Or the famous works of art lending a ‘tried and tested’ feel as well as thinking of the meal they’re about to eat as famous or memorable.

What about a financial institution hanging art showing skyscrapers and cityscapes, or a hospital using the healing effects of nature and beautiful landscapes in the art they hang to promote wellbeing? The opportunities to mould your physical workspace to reflect the message you want the world to see, are bountiful.