Artwork – Being Choosy

Selecting artwork for your office space is not rocket science, although it may feel that way, as long as you keep a few simple things in mind along the way.

Corporate Identity

The very first consideration should always be your vision, mission and values that are incorporated into your company’s Corporate Identity. It is crucial to understand what message your company wants to portray to clients and instil in staff. Two companies in the same industry could easily send out two very different messages, like British Airways and Khulula for example. One is conservative while the latter is much more relaxed. There are even some finance firms who would opt for eye popping contemporary art before settling for the more serious still life thought provoking images one would expect.

Surrounding Décor 

Every office has some kind of décor scheme going on that either has quite particular colours, textures or materials. Perhaps all the furniture and finishes are made from a particular wood or the entire office is limited to three specific complimentary colours. Bringing brushed metal frames or aluminium prints into a wood setting might look very out of place, so keep within the style already in play.

Employee Participation

Don’t be afraid to engage your employees in the selection process. Studies have shown that productivity increases when employees are involved in decorating their own surroundings, and while they don’t need to have the final say in the event of their choices clashing terribly, the process itself is inclusive.

Budget and Options

You don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing the Picasso’s and Rembrandt’s of the art world, rather call in a consultant to show you the different genres you have at your disposal, from abstract fine art to cityscapes and local fine art to name but a few. Then choose whether to hire or to buy, it’s that simple.