Artfully Inspiring Creativity

Artistically decorated workspaces are an inspiration to employees the world over. It has long been thought that having a work environment which is enjoyable to be in, aesthetically pleasing on the eye and physically comfortable to spend large swathes of time in, creates a winning atmosphere. Why then, are people still forced to work in offices, sometimes cubicles, with bare walls? The answer most likely lies in the ‘powers that be’ still viewing art as something nice to have instead of a necessity.

Various studies around the globe have shown that boosting creativity comes easily in places where art plays a major role in the décor. This works two fold. The first is that being in an aesthetically pleasing environment is, and always has been more enjoyable than a drab lifeless room, resulting in people being inclined to stay longer and work more productively. If your staff work long hours, they may subconsciously resent being relegated to a bland space. There is nothing like resentment, even on an unconscious level, to stall those creative juices.

The second, and more important factor to consider is how a beautiful surrounding actually gets creative juices flowing. According to 93% of respondents to a professional survey that was conducted, the presence of art in the workplace made the environment feel more welcoming. And a majority of those same respondents also said that having art in the workplace stimulated their creativity. 

There is no need to allocate a huge chunk of your capital budget for this exercise either, since Bidvest Execuflora offer rentals, keeping your cash flow … flowing. The time has come to get hanging, and give your employees something to contemplate when feeling stuck or needing a breakthrough. Skilfully selected pieces of art will most certainly do the trick.