Artful Research

In a time where staff turnover is debilitating to businesses’ the world over and the actions of employees indirectly playing a more significant role in the success or destruction of companies, it is more important than ever before for senior managers to be looking at how they can ensure the productivity and well-being of those the employ. Evidently, it was Richard Branson who said "Clients don't come first, employees come first. If you take care of your Employees, they will take care of your Clients.” While not everyone may agree 100% with the statement, it is certainly true that your employees are the front face of your business and the happier they are, the more efficiently they’ll attend to your business.

It’s no secret that being in an aesthetically pleasing environment lifts the spirits and when spending more than fifty percent of your waking hours in an office environment, it is basically imperative that it’s somewhere tolerable. Using the walls in the work environment to inspire staff to be productive is something many corporates overlook, to their detriment, albeit unintentionally. 

Research has shown that strategically selecting art to achieve certain moods and feelings in office spaces works wonders for staff morale. Imagine working in a high intensity environment with stressed staff on strict deadlines. Bringing in specifically chosen artwork to introduce a more calming environment which could aid in directing focus and meeting deadlines more timeously with less angst. If you create a workspace that your staff enjoy working in, they’ll enjoy being at work, coming to work and in turn, work will become less of a chore.