Art Rental

Renting artwork to display in a corporate office building or retail store is an easy way to instantly improve the look of the décor. Office managers and retail store owners have dozens of options when it comes to colour, format, subject, pattern and even the size of the art they choose for the space. Consider just a few of the benefits of art rental for a corporate space or retail store.

Adding Colour to the Decor

An office building or retail store with beige or neutral-coloured furniture is the perfect setting for a collection of colourful artwork. For example, prints featuring pastel blues or greens would immediately capture the attention of employees, clients and others visiting the location. Artwork makes any office or store a more inviting place to be.

Adding Interest to an Office Space

Most corporate offices have desks, tables and chairs as well as a supply of basic office equipment. Though necessary, these items can give an office a generic appearance. An office with a collection of artwork sets itself apart from the crowd. Some office managers or retail store owners may choose a theme for the artwork put up on their walls. Or, they may select a variety of sizes to differentiate the appearance of each room. All of this injects interest to an atmosphere where practical business is done.

Refresh the Look of an Office in a Simple Way

ExecuFlora is a leading art rental provider in South Africa. Office managers and retail store owners in say Cape Town or Durban who deal with ExecuFlora can have their artwork replaced with new pieces every 24 to 36 months. Changing the artwork in the space is a simple alternative to undertaking a full-blown redecorating project. Retail store owners or office managers can choose a different colour theme, size, format, pattern or subject for their replacement artwork.

Other Benefits of Art Rental

  • Receive knowledgeable assistance with selecting artwork that’s right for the space.
  • Choose artwork featuring a subject that reflects the goals or purpose of the business.
  • Select artwork that enhances colours within the décor.

Finally, art rental is a creative way for a corporate office or retail store to freshen up the space. A gathering of attractive art can make any South African business more memorable to clients and customers.