Added Credibility for Using Indoor Plants

For many, it is a no brainer that using indoor plants have obvious benefits to the indoor environment. From the physically measurable, like the health benefits from plants cleaning the air we breathe or their usefulness in being able to act as an effective and aesthetic sound barrier in open plan offices, to the less tangible benefits of promoting wellbeing from an aesthetic and psychological point of view. But for others, the more sceptical office dwellers, a more formal and credible stamp of approval is needed before they’ll truly believe that nature really is such a wonderful tool.

The Green Building Council SA (GBCSA) has added the credibility that indoor plants so rightly deserve by including them in their star rating system. They have recognised the importance of plants to reduce dust levels, stabilise humidity and temperature, baffle noise, reduce CO2 levels and reduce levels of VOC’s; among many other things. Indoor plants have ticked all the right boxes to be welcomed into the rating system as definite contributors to a greener building, not just in colour.

Naturally, the GBCSA have certain guidelines in place to ensure that the system is adequately adhered to because adding one plant per floor of a building won’t do much to bring about the benefits we’re speaking of. So not only can you now have all the benefits you would normally have from installing plants in your offices, but you can also get rewarded by the GBCSA with points towards your Green Star Rating. It’s a credible and incredible, win-win.