To Frame or Not to Frame

Artwork adds so much interest and life to any space and more often than not these days, the actual artwork is all you need. Gone are the days when artworks seemed unfinished because they were not framed, in fact, the options for frameless artwork is growing rather rapidly. It should be a subjective choice, whether to frame or not to frame but in reality, most people still don’t know they have other choices apart from the obvious canvas prints which have grown in popularity over the last while, and let’s face it, not everyone is into canvas prints.

Framing in itself is an art, which is quite specialised and often daunting. The framing options are somewhat endless, really, so it’s important to get a few basics in place before even contemplating it. Things like the style of the artwork and the space it will live in as well as whether the artwork is simple or complex and what colours are in it, are all things that need to be considered. Then along comes a piece of art that is so visually striking one feels as though any frame would detract from it, just to throw even more spanners in the works.

Printing has come such a long way in the last decade, allowing for artwork to be printed directly on di-bond aluminium, Perspex and even glass! Although framing is still used, the trend seems to be moving away from boxing artwork in favour of allowing it to hang borderless, creating an air of more space and freedom of movement.