The True Cost of Office Plants

It’s a well-known fact that when annual budgets are reviewed, one of the first things to go when some cutting is required, are the indoor plants. Chances are, it’s because the worth of having indoor plants in the office versus not having them hasn’t really been studied in South Africa. Most executives see them as a nice to have, much like two-ply toilet paper or expensive coffee. 

One doesn’t really have to dig very deep though, into overseas research, to see exactly what benefits plants bring to the workspace apart from aesthetics. In addition to their valuable aesthetic role, the presence of indoor plants promote the physiological and psychological wellbeing of a buildings occupants in a number of different ways. 

“The typical return in the office environment shows 12 percent improvement in productivity along with 60 percent reduction in absenteeism rates. This translates to a $24 ROI per day per employee commercially for costs of about $200 per year per employee including maintenance.” – Arizona Facilities Magazine. Sounds like a pretty expensive budget cut, doesn’t it?

Assuming that the figures quoted above are specifically aimed at making it seem like an attractive option, let’s take only one tenth of the stated ROI into account. The plants still pay for themselves and offer up some change. So really, the true cost of plants in the office is not a cost at all, but a saving.