Short Term Rentals – A Growing Need

‘Plants’ and ‘Short Term’ are not often words people associate with one another but the good news is that they very much go hand in hand. Especially in today’s environment where exhibitions are overcrowded creating a demand to stand out from the rest and formal events call on the organisers to make a good first impression if they want their guests to take time out of their busy schedules again when the next invitation arrives. 

Having good service, food, décor and entertainment are some of the more obvious things required to pull off a successful event. Adding a new dimension with nature’s beauty and creating an instantly friendly and welcoming atmosphere without having to lift a finger when your guests arrive is the added edge that using plants at your next exhibition or event can give you. 

Did you know that people tend to linger in beautiful environments for longer? Couple that with your chosen beauty making a ‘green’ statement, even if subconsciously, and all of a sudden, two of the main reasons for having the event, namely retention and making a good impression, have been achieved within the first few moments of people arriving.

The variety of pots and plants now available for short term rental is such that no matter the message or image a company wants to reflect these days, be it hip or conservative, it can easily be achieved. Honestly, everybody should breathe life into their next event. No two displays are ever the same when dealing with nature.