Office Plants Are For Life!

Many businesses in South Africa and abroad are now realising the potential benefits that office plants can bring and as such thousands of companies are investing in office plants as a means of improving productivity amongst employees, reduce absences caused by poor indoor climates and to help improve the general mood of employees whilst at work.

Unfortunately, many of these same businesses are failing to realise that live office plants require a certain amount of maintenance and care in order to flourish. Spending a great deal of money on a selection of office plants is hardly going to be worth the investment if they all die or wither within the first few days is it? There is however a much easier and some might say wiser solution to this problem which would be hiring office plants from a professional interior landscaping company.

Live office plants like any other living thing require a certain amount of TLC in order to grow and thrive in the harsh indoor environments frequently found in modern office and business premises. Dimly lit corridors, windowless rooms and air tight buildings are quite difficult conditions but there are plant species out there that can tolerate these climates and any reputable office plant specialist will be able to assist you with your plant options.

Professional interior landscapers will provide a specialist office plant maintenance service to ensure that all your office plants are kept healthy and are appropriate for the environment. It may also be the case that artificial plants would be more suitable for your premises in which case your plant technicians will also be able to assist you. Advances in technology have also led to a dramatic improvement in artificial plants with many varieties and life like versions now available.