Not Just an Office Plant

Offices and plants sound like perfect opposites. Offices belong to the rigid, man-made world of business, commerce and profit. They’re formal, contained and, let’s face it, not a very pretty sight. Plants, however, belong to the abundant realm of nature; infinitely varied and effortlessly lovely. You could say that your typical office –colourless and uninspiring– lacks the very things nature provides. Indoor office plants bring a natural and necessary counterbalance to the concrete corporate crush.

There’s a reason you’re likely to see images of nature on wall hangings, calendars and laptop screensavers in your average office. We need to be reminded who we are and where we come from, especially when the vast majority of our time is spent working indoors, removed from our place in the natural order. Indoor office plants transform this inherent need into a living interaction.

Attractive and elegant, indoor office plants have a gently uplifting effect on the spirits.  A dash of greenery brightens the surrounding environment and provides a steady supply of fresh oxygen, translating into a peaceful, positive ambience for the hard working employee. Whether a pacifying place to lay weary, stressed eyes or a lush flourish to admire, indoor office plants play a meaningful role in the culture of any workplace.

Appreciating the value of beauty, the small but significant things that matter, bolsters a sense of well-being in the individual. Increasing productivity by enriching the often humdrum nature of the daily grind, an office plant can work in some mysterious ways.