Garcinia gerrardii – Another Execuflora 1st

Why should we be excited this development? This is an incredibly slow growing beauty, is indigenous to South Africa, has proven to have a great growth form indoors, copes well in low, medium and highlight conditions and as if that’s not enough, its waxy well shaped leaves make it easy to clean and maintain. What more could your interior space ask for?

Bidvest Execuflora started this process five years ago with a grower who was tasked to source seeds, create stock and provide mature enough plants to test indoors. The process was a resounding success and although its slow growing habit may seem to be a downside, it’s actually a benefit. Slow growing plants are more manageable and suitable for smaller areas and make wonderful subjects for potting.

This specific Garcinia, which is a genus of a whopping +/-400 species, was named after William T. Gerrard, an English botanist who collected samples in KwaZulu-Natal and Madagascar back in the 19th century. Of the 400 species, though, only two are native to Southern Africa. Grown outdoors, it produces fruit that we’ve yet to see if it will produce indoors as well.

Bidvest Execuflora are very excited to be installing these in offices around the country and with the results so far, it looks to soon be a favourite.