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Indoor Plant Rentals & Interior Landscaping Services

Budgeting for Beauty​

Whatever your budget, we have the range of pots and office plants for you. Our tailor-made options allow you the freedom of choice to create the perfect décor for your space. Call us today to design a package for you.

The Value of Office Plants

It is obvious to anyone willing to look that plants play a big part in our everyday lives. However, the true impact of plants in offices goes far beyond the aesthetics, providing benefits to health, well being, productivity and financial savings.

Research into plants has proven that:

  • Plants filter the air and improve air quality
  • Plants reduce health complaints
  • Plants increase productivity
  • Plants reduce absenteeism
  • Plants reduce noise levels
  • Plants lower stress levels
  • Plants increase our sense of well being

“The ability of plants to improve the quality of the air we breathe is now accepted scientific fact,” Dr BC Wolverton (Retired NASA Scientist.)